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[Épinglé] ECMSPY et réglages injection, merci à Nick pashley

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merci à Nick Pashley de la page FB Buell ECM Tuning Group et biensur à Gunther Bauman ( créateur des softs Ecmspy )

pour la compilation de ces quelques liens:


Buell ECM sites of interest… Check out this ever expanding list:
Software – ECMSpy for Windows (for bikes up to and including 2007)
When you install it, it will be in German. If you prefer it to be in English, click on Konguration then Programm and change from Deutsch to English. Also, go to View and tick Professional (cos that’s what we are 😏 ) – ECMSpy for Mono and Palm
Cables and Dongles – Make your own Bluetooth dongle
ECMs – Those talented chaps that mode our ECMs (post VDO)
Forums – By far the best Buell forum on this planet (so say I!)
Buell FB Groups – Generic
General Engine Knowledge
The most important tool for ECM tuning is an understanding of what the engine needs. I made a list of tuning books a few years ago and posted it in the excellent BadWeb knowledge vault. Link here:

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